About the Project

Foto: Caritas Friedland

Foto: Caritas Friedland

Reinforcement of the communication and support structures in the admission process

resettlement.de is a collaborative national project of the Caritasverband für die Diözese Hildesheim e.V. / Caritasstelle im GDL Friedland (Caritas Association for the Diocese of Hildesheim / Caritas Agency in the Friedland refugee reception centre) and the Deutscher Caritasverband e.V.(German Caritas Association). The project’s goal is to provide information about the different admission programmes and to link the actors involved in the admission process. The project promotes local and regional networks for supporting the admitted refugees and facilitates exchange between former and newly arrived individuals.

We will support you…

  • … through the homepage resettlement.de with lots of background information on the admission programmes, actors involved and legal matters
  • … with a newsletter giving information about current developments and events on the subject of resettlement and humanitarian admission
  • … by hosting an annual national conferenceand regional events
  • … as speakers on resettlement and humanitarian admission at your events in the context of flight and asylum seeking
  • … for non-individual-case-related questions on procedures,as well as for residence and social security problems for this group of people.

You can also contact us…

  • … with your questions, experiences and suggestions on the subject of resettlement and humanitarian admission.