Current Admissions

1. Resettlement and regular asylum process in Germany

Most people seeking asylum in Germany enter by crossing land borders. In order to reach Germany, they almost always need to take on life-threatening journeys. In 2015, over 476,000 people applied for asylum in Germany. Annually only a very small number of people are admitted directly from the first country of refuge via the resettlement process.

2. Continuation of the humanitarian admission for Syrian refugees

The humanitarian admission programme for Syrian refugees in Turkey, decided by the German Federal Ministry of Interior on January 11, 2017, is to be continued. With the new order, released on December 29, 2017, up to 500 persons per month can be admitted to Germany until December 31, 2018. This decision has been made in accord with the federal administrations.

Foto: UNHCR/ Gordon Welters

3. Current German resettlement programme

Germany is providing 10.200 places within the EU-Resettlement scheme. The individuals will be calculated into the annual immigration span of 160.000 to 220.000 persons, as agreed upon in the coalition treaty. A new admission order by the Ministry of Interior has been released on December 11, 2018, providing 2.900 resettlement places for refugees out of Jordan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Lebanon and Niger (via the UNHCR evacuation mechanism for Libya).

This admission is based on the European Commission’s recommendation to provide a total of 50.000 resettlement places in the EU until October 2019. 20 Member States have pledged over 50.000 places and 10 Member States have currently already resettled 4.252 persons (state of play: 16.05.2018).

50% of the pledged resettlements should have occurred by October 2018. The resettlement places are still foreseen for refugees currently residing in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. At the same time, another focus will be the resettlement out of Libya, Egypt, Niger, Sudan, Chad and Ethiopia.

In the table below you can obtain an overview of the resettlement admissions from 2015 to 2018. Under the following links information on the resettlement admissions that took place from Turkey and the humanitarian admissions currently taking place from Turkey as part of the EU-Turkey Statement and a report on the group admissions from Turkey already carried out is provided in German.

4. Ongoing federal state admission programmes for Syrian refugees

Based on a decision of the Bundestag on June 2013, all federal states except Bavaria created their own state admission programmes for Syrian refugees. Many of these admission programmes are already completed. Admission programmes currently running exist in Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Thuringia. Only Syrians who already have first or second degree relatives in Germany can enter via the federal state admission programmes. In addition, the relatives must provide for accommodation and living costs of the people entering. Interested individuals should directly inquire about the alien authorities responsible.

Deadlines for the federal state admission programmes currently running:

  • Thuringia: extended until December 31st, 2020
  • Schleswig-Holstein: extended until June 30,2019
  • Hamburg: extended until November 30th, 2019
  • Berlin: extended until December 31st, 2019

5. Relocation within the Member States of the European Union

As part of the redistribution of asylum seekers in the EU (relocation), Germany has committed to admit over 27,000 individuals from Greece and Italy in order to share the responsibility. Following the European Commission, Germany has so far admitted 5.391 individuals from Greece and 5.446 individuals from Italy (state of play by 30.10.2018).

Further Information on the selection process and the selection criteria for relocation as well as on the German admission procedure can be found here (in German).

The EASO website (European Asylum Support Office) provides further information on the admission of refugees via relocation and and an interactive map stating all relocation admissions (by 22.11.2017).

Arrivals 2015-2018 *

Latest ArrivalNumber of IndividualsFirst Country of RefugeNationalityResidence Permit
24.11.2015258EgyptEthiopia, Eritrea, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda§ 23. 2
14.12.2015156SudanEthiopia, Eritrea, Syria§ 23. 2
TOTAL for 2015414
24.02.201624SudanEthiopia, Eritrea§ 23. 4
04.04.201632TurkeySyria§ 23. 4
11.04.20165TurkeySyria§ 23. 4
15.04.201617TurkeySyria§ 23. 4
19.05.2016103TurkeySyria§ 23. 4
16.06.2016135TurkeySyria§ 23. 4
27.06.20162TurkeySyria§ 23. 4
16.08.2016143TurkeySyria§ 23. 4
08.09.2016172TurkeySyria§ 23. 4
27.09.20165TurkeySyria§ 23. 4
13.10.2016152TurkeySyria§ 23. 4
10.11.2016170TurkeySyria§ 23. 4
30.11.2016155LebanonSyria§ 23. 4
01.12.2016124TurkeySyria§ 23. 4
TOTAL for 20161,239
12.01.2017153TurkeySyria§ 23. 2
23.02.2017182TurkeySyria§ 23. 2
16.03.2017181TurkeySyria§ 23. 2
20.04.2017180TurkeySyria§ 23. 2
09.05.2017255TurkeySyria§ 23. 2
23./24.05.201722LebanonSyria§ 23. 4
30.05.2017237TurkeySyria§ 23. 2
20.06.2017246TurkeySyria§ 23. 2
11.07.2017247TurkeySyria§ 23, 2
02.08.2017140TurkeySyria§ 23, 2
07.09.2017236TurkeySyria§ 23, 2
26.09.2017185TurkeySyria§ 23, 2
12.10.2017237TurkeySyria§ 23, 2
02.11.2017231TurkeySyria§ 23, 2
07.12.2017256EgyptSudan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Chad, Somalia § 23, 4
TOTAL for 20172.988
09.01.2018267TurkeySyria§ 23, 2
15.02.2018107EgyptSyria§ 23, 4
22.02.2018251TurkeySyria§ 23, 2
13.03.2018176TurkeySyria§ 23, 2
29.03.2018173TurkeySyria§ 23, 2
19.04.2018176TurkeySyria§ 23, 2
08.05.2018175TurkeySyria§ 23, 2
24.05.2018182TurkeySyria§ 23, 2
20.06.2018176TurkeySyria§ 23, 2
18.07.2018170TurkeySyria§ 23, 2
16.08.2018142TurkeySyria§ 23, 2
11.09.2018197TurkeySyria§ 23, 2
27.09.2018186TurkeySyria§ 23, 2
15.10.2018247NigerEritrea, Somalia§ 23, 4
17.10.201817JordanSyria§22 S. 2
06.11.2018184TurkeySyria§ 23, 2
22.11.2018183TurkeySyria§ 23, 2
04.12.201829NigerEritrea, Somalia§ 23, 4
06.12.2018167TurkeySyria§ 23, 2
TOTAL for 20183.205 individuals
of them 2.805 with § 23, 2, 383 with § 23, 4 and 17 with § 22, s. 2 Residence Act
24.01.2019192TurkeySyria§ 23, 2
12.02.2019185TurkeySyria§ 23, 2
07.03.2019251TurkeySyria§ 23, 2
28.03.2019242TurkeySyria§ 23, 2
23.04.2019195TurkeySyria§ 23, 2
16.05.2019185TurkeySyria§23, 2
TOTAL for 20191250 individuals

* This entry data only includes individuals who were processed through the Friedland border transit camp (GDL Friedland). Direct entry into municipalities is not included. Consequently, this data could differ from other representations.