Increase of the resettlement quota to 1.600 persons per year by the Conference of the Ministers of the Interior


At the Conference of the Ministers of Interior from December 4th to 6th 2019 in Lübeck, Germany‘s Senators and Ministers of the Interior highlighted the relevance of humanitarian admission and resettlement programs as legal pathways to Germany and as a symbol for international responsibility sharing.

It was decided to increase the annual resettlement quota from 500 to 1.600 persons starting in 2020. Furthermore, the senators and ministers discussed the continuation of the humanitarian admissions of Syrian refugees from Turkey (EU-Turkey-Declaration 2016). In addition, they made decisions regarding the states’ admission programs which can be found here.

The 1.600 persons will be included in the quota for the year 2020. Germany’s quota for 2020 amounts to a total of 5.500 persons including the regular resettlement program, the joint government- civil society programme for especially vulnerable refugees “New start in a Team” (NesT), the humanitarian admission program from Turkey as well as the  state admission program of Schleswig-Holstein.

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