Resettlement admissions 2020: admission directive published by the Federal Ministry of the Interior

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The admission directive published by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community on February 21st 2020, which was coordinated with the highest state authorities, sets the framework for the admission of up to 2.300 vulnerable refugees in the year 2020.

The admission directive allows for the entry of refugees of different nationalities; particularly persons of Syrian, Iraqi, Sudanese, south Sudanese, Somali, Yemeni and Eritrean citizenship as well as stateless persons.

The directive mandates that the refugees who have to be registered with UNHCR come from Egypt, Jordan, Kenya, and Lebanon as well as through the evacuation mechanism by UNHCR from Libya.

According to the admission directive, unaccompanied minors can be considered for the resettlement programme 2020 just as through the humanitarian admissions for Syrian refugees in the year 2020.

Furthermore, the Federal Ministry of the Interior published an admission directive on February 24th 2020 regarding the admission of refugees in the framework of the pilot project “New start in a team (NesT)”. Thus, the Federal office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) can authorize up to 400 refugees, which are included in the 2.300 resettlement admissions for the year 2020, to be admitted within the programme in the year 2020. The requirement for the admission within the pilot programme is the willingness of mentoring groups to provide accommodation for two years as well as integration support for one year. Within the programme NesT neither seriously ill persons nor unaccompanied minors will be admitted.

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