Possible Resettlement from Libya?

Reply from the Federal Government to an inquiry by various representatives

The arrival of those seeking protection who were evacuated from Niger to Libya. Photo: UNHCR/Louise Donovan

In the response from the Federal Government to the inquiry from representatives Luise Amtsberg, Filliz Polat, Margarate Bause, other officials and the fraction Bündnis 90/The Greens (Print, 19/569-) regarding the situation of refugees in Libya, the Federal Government has said to accept 300 people from Libya. This acceptance will be in the framework of the allocation and the push for successful acceptance for people from Libyan “detention centers.” In response to the inquiry, the acceptances will be prepared by the UNHCR. The text does not specify exactly where and when the people should arrive in Europe. In the conversation stands those seeking protection of various nationalities from Libya, who will be evacuated and resettled from acceptance centers in Niger and Chad. This year over 300 people have been resettled to Italy.

An acceptance regulation for this group from the Ministry of the interior has until now not been made public.

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