Ranim Daree from Syria

“After finishing the language course I want to study psychology at the university”

Ranim Daree is from Syria. She was 17 years old when the Syrian civil war started and in her last school year. Her family wanted to flee to Turkey but Ranim deemed it important to first finish school. For this reason, the family fled only one year later to Istanbul. In order to pay for the expensive Turkish language course at the university there, Ranim worked at a fabric factory for the first year. The work conditions were very poor and the salary low. After this though time, Ranim finally was able to attend the language Course and received a place at the University of Istanbul, where she studied Anglistik during two years. That time was also difficult, says Ranim, as the family did not receive any support from the Turkish authorities.

„My Family lived in another part of the country and I did could not find inner peace” said Ranim

Ranim was very optimistic when the family heard about the humanitarian Admission programme to Germany. They waited four months for their first appointment. First, they had to go to Ankara for an interview, then to Istanbul for a second one. Ranim says the people working in the Admission programme were very friendly and helping. The family spent five days in a hotel in Istanbul, as a preparation for Germany. Ranim thought this was very helpful, as she learned a lot about the life in Germany. In the fall 2016, the family arrived in Germany.

“I was very happy, as I can finally live a life without fear here.”

The organisations in Germany are better than in Turkey, says Ranim. Her and her family felt welcomed and at ease, especially as the Caritas supported them during their first time in Friedland. Ranim attends a B2 German language course. Once she is done, she wants to study psychology at the university.