About the Project

Foto: Caritas Friedland

The project “resettlement.de” was a nationwide cooperation project carried out by the Caritasverband für die Diözese Hildesheim e.V./Caritasstelle im GDl Friedland together with the Deutscher Caritasverband e.V. from 2015 to 2020. The aim of the project was to provide information about the various reception programmes and to connect the different actors involved in the reception process. The project also promoted the exchange of experience between former and newly arrived refugees in so-called buddy meetings. Through its regular participation in national and international conferences, Caritas has been continuously networking and has been committed to the steady expansion and improvement of the quality of German admission procedures, while taking into account the perspective of the refugees.

An overview of selected measures and figures:

  • Implementation and organisation of
    • 16 regional training courses for about 350 participants
    • 5 nationwide resettlement conferences with around 750 participants
    • 30 Buddy meetings for more than 2,000 RST/HAP refugees
  • Establishment of a nationwide information point
  • Writing about 20 articles in specialist journals and other media (including Asylmagazin, Migration im Fokus)
  • Design and realisation of the website www.resettlement.de with information in German, Arabic and English
  • Dispatch of around 15 newsletter
  • Co-Chair of the internationally most important Resettlement conference Annual Tripartite Consultations on Resettlement (ATCR)
  • Hotline for more than 250 families and individuals
  • Facebook information page for admitted people for more than 200 families and individuals
  • Participation and presentations at around 50 national and international conferences and meetings
  • Exchange of experience with trainers of the preparatory courses for RST/HAP refugees (networking pre-departure and post-arrival)
  • Development of a nationwide Resettlement network and provision of information for this network

We will support you…

  • … through the homepage resettlement.de with background information on the admission programmes, actors involved and legal matters
  • … with a newsletter giving information about current developments and events on the subject of resettlement and humanitarian admission
  • … by hosting an annual national conference and regional events
  • … as speakers on resettlement and humanitarian admission at your events in the context of flight and asylum seeking
  • … for non-individual-case-related questions on procedures as well as for residence and social security related problems.

You can also contact us…

  • … with your questions, experiences and suggestions on the subject of resettlement and humanitarian admission.